The Branch Committee

The committee is made up of elected officers from across the country.
Karen Rickards
Branch Secretary
Midlands Regional Office

Karen is the Branch Secretary. 

Liz Allen
Branch Chair
LGBT Officer
North of Tyne

Liz is the Branch Chair and the LGBT Officer.

Louise Ashworth
Branch Treasurer
Vice Chair
Equality Officer
International Officer
Labour Link Officer
West Region

Louise Ashworth is the Branch Treasurer, Equality Officer, International Officer and Labour Link Officer. 

Janet Kitson
Branch Administrator

After living in Sweden for thirty years I moved back to the UK and started as a volunteer for Barnardo’s in retail. A short time after that I became a Sales Associate and continued with this for 6 years alongside becoming a shop steward for Unison Barnardo’s.

I now work as a Branch Administrator and am often your first point of contact via our Unison Barnardo’s helpline.

Why did I join a union? I see my membership as a backup if I should need help with problems at work, a type of insurance, with legal help from Thompsons Solicitors if needed.

Azam Khan
Assistant Secretary
Scotland Convenor
Black Members' Officer

Hello my name is Azam Khan and I am based in Scotland, as Scottish convenor and Assistant Branch Secretary I have been an active members with Unison for about 7 years now and still very much enjoy what I do. What I really enjoy about being a steward and sitting on the committee is the travelling and meeting so many different people all who work for Barnardo’s. 

Pauline Gordon
N. Ireland Convenor
Disabled Members' Officer
Health & Safety Officer

Pauline is the Northern Ireland Convenor, Health and Safety Officer and Disabled Members’ Officer.

Lisa Buchanan
N. Ireland Convenor
Education Officer

Lisa is the Northern Ireland Convenor and Education Officer.

Louise Phelan
Cymru/Wales Convenor

Louise is the Wales Convenor.

Bob Woods
Retired Members' Officer

Bob is the Retired Members’ Officer.

Giulia Savini
Communications Officer
Welfare Officer
Membership Officer

I joined Unison in April 2018 but worked for Barnardo’s since April 2016. I am very passionate about workers’ rights and I am fully committed in ensuring employees have a fair representation and support in their workplace.

Aiden Pacey
Communications Officer
Young Members' Officer
I’ve worked for Barnardo’s since September 2017, in the Alfreton and Stockbridge shops. I joined the UNISON team in August 2018 to become more engaged with the larger Barnardo’s community and ensure retail and young people are represented across the union.
Corinne Maddock

I joined Barnardo’s on 6 March 2019, in the new Liverpool Moving On, Preparation and Transition service (Children’s Home).  I joined the UNISON team in 2017 at my previous job, since then I joined Barnardo’s to become a steward for our new service and ensure all staff are represented across the union.

Rob Gunby
West Region

Rob is a steward.