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‘Join the UNISON Skills Club!’ free for all members

Each month from January onwards UNISON will curate an online course for the Skills Club for you to dive in. The courses are self-guided so you can work on them following your own schedule.

The first course in the Skills Club is British Sign Language certification provided by the Skills Academy. UNISON pays members’ access to a whole host of Skills Academy courses. You need to apply for an account on the UNISON Learning website and you are set to start.

British Sign Language certification is an introductory course, and it takes roughly two hours of learning. It takes you through:

  • The difference between British Sign Language and other types of sign language around the world.
  • How sign language is used, and why it’s so important.
  • The basics and history of British Sign Language.
  • Job opportunities for people who learn British Sign Language.
  • Nearly 300 signs that can help in your day-to-day life.

Adding basics of another language in your repertoire is a chance to improve your communication skills at work and in your personal life.

Sign up for a Skills Academy account on link below. You will need your Unison membership number. (Membership number can also be found in Branch email correspondence)

Sign up here: https://learning.unison.org.uk/skills-academy/

If you have any questions or would like support accessing please get in touch on details below

Ali Wormald (Workplace Profile): Education and Welfare Officer