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First committee meeting of the year

Every two months the Branch Committee (members who are elected at the Annual General Meeting) meet to discuss the future of the Branch, what is happening and how they will work to continue to improve the workplace. This is the first committee meeting since the Annual General Meeting last month.

This month, the Committee meeting was held in the Barnardo’s Cymru Regional Office on 30th April 2019. All committee members were in attendance except from the Chair, Scotland Convener and Membership Officer. The Branch Administrator and UNISON Regional Organiser from the Greater London Region were also present.

The topics that were discussed:

  • Branch finances
  • Recruitment action plan
  • Retail updates
  • Website development
  • Training
  • Retired members

The next committee meeting will be held in June at the Midlands Regional Office.

If you would like to contact a branch officer, use the email format [email protected] or use our contact page.

If you are interested in taking a more active role in the union, visit our ‘become a steward‘ page.