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Climate Change Strike

The UNISON Barnardo’s Branch has received a number of enquiries asking what action UNISON intend to take regarding the climate change strikes on 20th September 2019. Please see below the official statement which the Branch will be observing.

Anti-trade union laws (i.e. the Trade Union Act) mean that UNISON branches are unable to take strike action but we will support the school campaigners by posting information on our workplace group and website.  UNISON will be holding Green UNISON week from 16 – 20 September 2019 and the Branch will be supporting this.

UNISON has called for strong action on climate change for many years.  During Green UNISON week, UNISON will be organising a week of activities to call for urgent action to tackle climate change.  We hope this will give our members the chance to show support for the school climate strikers ahead of their campaign to raise awareness and the school climate strike on 20 September.

We are also asking our members and stewards to hold UNISON green events during the week which could include running a lunchtime stall or holding a lunch and learn about climate change.

If you have further ideas then please get in contact with the Branch Secretary Karen Rickards.