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Branch Officers attended The National Delegate Conference 2022 – Brighton 13-17 June

On the 13 June 2022, our branch officers travelled to Brighton to attend the UNISON National Delegate Conference. This was the first time in three years UNISON reps and activists have met together.

Every UNISON branch elects reps to attend and vote on behalf of their branch, its a bit like a annual parliament, delegates get to vote on campaigning priorities and policies.

It was a very busy week, with long days in the conference hall and also fringe meetings at lunch times and evenings. Such policies and debates were based around Gender discrimination, domestic violence and the support of low-paid women, Challenging sexism and misogyny and many more.

The union also voted to support the White Ribbon UK charity, which engages with men and boys to make a stand to end gender-based violence.https://www.whiteribbon.org.uk/?ltclid=

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Our very own Equalities Officer and Black Members Officer Lockman Uddin, took the stand and gave a speech in support of motion 12 “Combatting the rise of discrimination and harassment through Education” speaking in front of hundreds of people is not an easy thing to do, and we were very proud of him !

We also attended an evening with Angela Raynor, Deputy Labour Leader, as part of the Labour Link Rally. Did you know that Angela was also once a UNISON rep supporting care workers ?, she had her first child at 16 and lived on a council estate, no qualifications and certainly had no privileged upbringing. Unlike a lot of other politicians ! It was great to meet a really lovely refreshing politician who comes from the “real world”

Alicia Wormald Welfare Officer, and Education Officer took the opportunity to have a photograph with Angela.

Our first female General Secretary Christina McAnea brought the National Delegate Conference to its feet, with applause and a standing ovation http://Christina McAnea, general secretary speaking to UNISON NDC 2022 – YouTube

We also saw the formal launch of UNISON College, which aims to bring high quality learning and training opportunities to every UNISON member and activist. And work is already under way. https://learning.unison.org.uk/2022/06/16/a-bright-future-with-the-unison-college/

If you would like to get more involved with the branch, and become an officer or steward and make a difference to your workplace – please get in touch. 0800 954 9915 or email Unison@barnardos.org.uk