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12 October 2017 Barnardo's launch consultation for proposed changes to Barnardo's Discretionary Ex-Gratia Redundancy Payment Scheme for staff employed before 01 April 2004.
13 October 2017 UNISON Barnardo's Survey Monkey is circulated to the Membership.
19 October 2017 UNISON Barnardo's orgaising Members Meetings for affected staff to gather information and suggestion for a collective counter proposal.
03 November 2017 UNISON Barnardo's are currently collating the responses to the Redundancy Consultation Survey.  The responses and comments are to be escalated to Senior Management.

Members Meetings

03 November 2017 - Midlands & South West

07 November 2017 - Paisely

14 November 2017 - Liverpool

17 November 2017 - Manchester

21 November 2017 - Leeds

22 November 2017 - Glasgow, Edinburgh & Aberdeen

27 November 2017 - Newcastle

28 November 2017 - Belfast

29 November 2017 - Barkingside

01 December 2017 - Cumbria

04 December 2017 - Fife

08 December 2017 - Cardiff                                                                                                                

20 November 2017 In response to the UNISON Barnardo's Redundancy Payment Survey a meeting has been secured with Barnardo's Chief Executive Javed Khan early next week.
27 November 2017 UNISON Barnardo's representatives met with Javed Khan, Chief Executive. 
05 December 2017 Branch Committee met to formulate Counter Proposal.  
05 January 2018 UNISON Barnardo's submit a Counter Proposal in response to the consultation for proposed changes to Barnardo's Ex-Gratia Redundancy Payment. 

08 January 2018

01 February 2018

02 February 2018

08 February 2018

12 February 2018

UNISON Barnardo's met with the Corporate Leadership Team, this was the last formal meeting on the proposed changes to the pre-2004 redundancy payment scheme.



Barnardo's have now confirmed the outcome which is a significant revision from the original proposal.



Membership balloted to accept or reject Barnardo's revised offer.



Ballot closed at 17:00 on Thursday 08 February 2018.

Unison Barnardo's announced the results of the redundancy payment consultation ballot. 95.08% of the membership have accepted, 4.92% of the membership have rejected the proposal. The majority of the membership have accepted the proposals.

Next steps: Those members who are impacted in the Redundancy Payment Scheme Consultation will be issued with new contracts for signature, UNISON Barnardo's ask impacted members to ensure that they sign and return their new contracts.




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