Become a Steward

A new, exciting experience

About the Role

Workplace stewards and representatives are fully trained to promote the union and interests of the Branch’s members. Two of the key roles are organising and recruiting new members. 

Stewards benefit from additional training, new experiences as well as becoming involved with the larger Barnardo’s community. 

How to Apply

For more information on the role, please get in touch with the Branch Secretary using our contact page. You can also speak to our existing stewards and officers to ask about their experience within the Branch.


All stewards go on a five day accredited training course (three day and two day split usually), this is an introduction to the union and is just the beginning of the support given.


You will have the full support of the Branch. From the first training day to your first case, you will be working with a united and passionate group of colleagues. 

UK Wide

No matter where you are in the UK, you can become a steward for the Branch. Anywhere Barnardo’s operate, we are looking for stewards.

Time Release

Time release enables stewards to give their all and not lose out because of it. The full information can be found in the Facilities Agreement on ContentServer