The Branch Committee

The committee is made up of elected officers from across the country.
Karen Rickards
Branch Secretary
Midlands Regional Office
Louise Phelan
Louise Ashworth
Vice Chair
West Region
Leanne Taylor
Branch Administrator
Midlands Regional Office

Branch Officers & Stewards

Azam Khan – Convenor
Aiden Kremin-Pacey – Steward (Retail)
Maddy Kirkman – Steward (CS)

Liz Allen (Convenor)
Giulia Savini – Steward (CS)
Hayley Granger – Steward (Retail)

Vacant (Convenor)
Corinne Maddock – Steward (CS)
Louise Ashworth – Steward (CS)
Glynis Roberts – Steward (Retail)
Karen Kitson – Steward (Retail)

Midlands & South West

Louise Phelan (Convenor)

London & South East
Vacant (Convenor)

Northern Ireland
Pauline Gordon (Joint Convenor)
Lisa Buchanan(Joint Convenor)

Black Members Officer – Azam Khan
Communications Officer – Aiden Kremin-Pacey & Giulia Savini
Disabled Members Officer – Pauline Gordon
Equalities Officer – Louise Ashworth
Health & Safety Officer – Vacant
LGBT Officer – Liz Allen
Membership Officer – Giulia Savini
Retail/Fundraising Officer – Vacant
Retired Members Officer – Vacant
Treasurer – Louise Ashworth
Training/Development Officer – Lisa Buchanan
Welfare Officer – Giulia Savini
Womens Officer – Vacant
Young Persons Representative – Aiden Kremin-Pacey